Neblio, hidden cryptocurrency gem?


Neblio, hidden cryptocurrency gem?

mrt 28, 2018 Altcoins by admin

Neblio is a new open-source blockchain platform, meaning that it’s a platform upon which one can build their own blockchain-based applications. Obviously the first question is why one should consider using Neblio as there are plenty of alternatives on the market. The main reason comes down to their driving goal: to simplify blockchain in order to make it more widespread and more secure. The underlying technologies used in the platform make it inherently secure and impossible to retrospectively alter a transaction. APIs across nearly every major programming platform make it easy to develop for any operating system, be it mobile or desktop. And aside from that, they’re doing all these things both faster and better than their competitors.


Another big selling point of Neblio is energy efficiency. While most Blockchain networks “mine” new currency, Neblio’s staking method is far more efficient: it isn’t CPU intensive and can even be done on a Raspberry Pi!

Aside from the variety of possible devices, the actual number of devices doesn’t matter either. As each node has secure access to the entire distributed database it doesn’t matter if a single node goes down. Nodes can even disconnect whenever needed: as soon as they come back online, they automatically synchronize with the distributed database from other nodes and continue being a part of the network. This makes Neblio hugely scalable.

NEBL Tokens

And then there are the Neblio Tokens (NEBL): the actual Neblio cryptocurrency. The tokens incentivize members of the Neblio network to secure and operate the network. This means that the network is powered by NEBL: when you stake tokens, you are rewarded for furthering the blockchain. The NEBL can in turn be used for transactions across the world.

In summary: the Neblio is an efficient, secure, and easy to use platform offering an ideal starting point for new Blockchain applications and technologies.

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